Global Air Ambulance
Our Global Air Ambulance will keep your entire family safe while away from home.
Our goal is to provide you and your family with peace of mind while on the road, studying abroad, away on business or traveling the world.
We provide multiple services to ensure a quick extraction to provide optimal time for recovery. We want to make sure your health is our priority.

Virtual Health

Virtual Health is the quickest way to reach a professional without having to wait in line at a walk-in clinic for hours at end.
We realized people spend far too long waiting for an appointment to then sit in a two separate waiting rooms to eventually be seen. Priority Health virtual health helps you connect to the Top Doctors in a matter of seconds, from any internet connection, anywhere in the world.

Travel Safe
Our Travel Safe product is designed for organizations that require a comprehensive health tracking solution to the growing pandemic threat globally. Travellers can be screened for travel guidelines ahead of time and streamline the check-in and return process

Out of Country Insurance

Priority Health Travel Insurance options will ensure you and your family a worry free trip whether your traveling outside of Canada or coming to visit Canada. We have a selection of different coverages to suit the individual traveler or group coverage.